What is Winwin Coin?
How to use?

WinWin Coin (WIN), newest digital coin currency
at this moment! Receive and spend on our application for bliss.
For receive this coin we have various of channel
such as promotions or event.
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Winwin Coin functions
1. BRAND NEW! Use point at Winner Store convert to be WinWin Coin
For those who has point on Winner Store
will possible to convert to be WinWin Coin now!
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New function for deposit WinWin Coin!!
No maintenance fee but will receive privilege by this function.
And now you can receive interest as the WinWin Coin!
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3. Winwin coin new step of VIP
VIP for privilege person.
Decrease transaction fee of Coin Bank system to 10%
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4. New system “Debit Winwin Coin”
Convert Mlive coupon to be THC
Winwin Coin 60% of fee deduct
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5. Coin Bank Trade now!
Trade WinWin Coin to
USDC and THC easy just few click
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6. Winwin Coin, verify your identity for not loosing
User who own WinWin Coin, require to verify identity by OTP
New user who haven’t done, please verify for not losing any coin.
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Vote on MQUEEN or MKING team,
which side who has lower vote will be win
and get WinWin Coin 195% as rewards!
Easy to join by using WinWIn Coin to vote
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For more information, please contact us at
Inbox on MLife or MLiveFanClub fanpage.
Winnine Pacific Pty Ltd ,NSW Australia