Lucky Mae Nak
Event Mae Nak Distributes True Cards!

Competing for True money cash cards
Event duration
Get started on22October 2018 at00.00 P.M. – 28October 2018 at11.59 P.M.
Event Conditions
1. Awarding will measure players with maximum clamping
by 1000 coupons in primordialtop 5.
2. Must have amount of Turnoverin
Lucky Mae Nak 2,000,000coupons.
Event Rewards
1st place getTrue money cash card1,000 Baht.
2nd place get True money cash card500 Baht.
3rd place get True money cash card300 Baht.
4th– 5th places get True money cash card150 Baht.

Remark: Players who get rewards must contact viaLINE : @luckygames
- Announcement of events and adding rewards
within 5 working days after finish the event.
- Any events arranged during server maintenance
or any times that cannot be online,
the end of event will be held as it was.
- We reserve the right to change the event details
without prior notice.
- The team's decision is final.
- The reference time mainly based on the system.

Inquiries and problem reportLINE : @luckygames
or Facebook : ►Lucky Game
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