Lucky Ang Pao Adding New System!
Big Jackpot Here!!!

One and all become richness!!! New worth system
of Lucky Ang Pao besides Jackpot and cat will come out
more for pressing including Big Jackpot!
Even who claim this then absolutely! become richness!

1. Big Jackpot : Jackpot enormous box
whether pressing to get more coupons than normal Jackpot!
It comes to all of you for pressing,
guarantee just press and become richness asap!
(No use of coupons for pressing Big Jackpot)

2. Easy falling Jackpot : one’s cool! System had been
changed Jackpot boxes to easily fall down.
Don’t forget to become richness together.
(No use of coupons for pressing Big Jackpot)

3. Easy falling down cat : Beside Jackpot but cat as well for
the previous version cat fell down together with Jackpot only
but now you can collect cats without waiting for Jackpot anymore.
Don’t forget to come and get cats for the event participation.
(No use of coupons for pressing cat)