Fast Pokdeng
Adding new system, can claim VJ’s dividend profit everyday!!!
Event Details
1. VJ requires inviting the most players to play
Fast Pokdeng in own room ( not being banker )
2. VJ will receive coupon share 5% of amount
of profits in VJ’s room. For example,
VJ’s room has total amount of profits 100,000 coupons,
VJ will get 5,000 coupons. If total amount of profits 1,000,000,
VJ will get 50,000 coupons within event

3. Amount of profits will be counted
from 12.00 A.M. to 11.59 P.M. for each day,
VJ will be able to claim coupons after the end of that day
4. VJ requires having amount of profits in room
only will earn rewards. If losses,
VJ will not earn rewards

How to get more bonus coupons
1. Go to
2. Login with ID
3. Select “Dairy”
4. Choose “Bonus Fast Pokdeng”
5. Click “Claim Rewards”
(Be able to claim first rewards since 17 July 2018)

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or Facebook:Lucky Game
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